dDock - Real-Time Data Analysis

Real-Time Data Analysis Design

Finally, an intuitive software tool for the rapid preparation of large data sets in real-time. Data is constantly being accumulated and stored, yet it is common for the quality of that data to be assessed only when it is required for an external purpose. This ad hoc approach to data assessment and quality control leads to missed opportunities. If used for control, poor data leads to process responses. If used for monitoring or design, poor data will lead to an incomplete and potentially incorrect assessment of the process state. Forget ad hoc data quality approaches, the solution is a low cost, low overhead dedicated real-time data analysis software solution… dDock.

PrecisionNow dDock is the solution…

Real-Time Data Analysis

Designed to run on PC, Mac and Linux systems, dDock is an innovative software tool with an intuitive interface giving data professionals the ability to design real-time data evaluation algorithms for the identification of data anomalies, as well as the ability to visualize trends, and develop analysis routines for the calculation of relevant quantities like mass balances, all in real-time.

Located inside the firewall on a local client computer, dDock works by directly linking to the relevant database sources within the organisation whether that be the SCADA system, LIMS database or administrative data source. When new data appears, dDock executes the relevant routines and outputs a result automatically. That output is user-definable and might be an alarm, an updated trend graph, a calculated quantity or any other result designed by the user.