Monitor Technology

Next-Generation Real-Time Water Monitoring

Designed, developed and manufactured by Primodal Systems, the RSM30 is the next generation in real-time water monitoring equipment. Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and custom software, the RSM30 is a flexible, user-friendly monitoring platform.


flexible enough to be deployed wherever you want it
STATE-OF-THE-ART – software framework that is second to none
USER-FRIENDLY – open-code structure allows users to customise output
 – logs and transmits real-time data AND analyzes the data in real-time.
– Analysis in real-time ensures that data issues and the resulting alarms are triggered quickly and efficiently, which will improve maintenance, minimize post-processing effort and maximizing the storage of ‘clean’ data.


The backbone of the RSM30 and Central Server is Primodal Systems’ own PrecisionNow software. This internally developed software package controls the storage and analysis of the measurement data as well as the flow of information to the central server.

PrecisionNow is the culmination of a multi-year development and testing effort. Field testing and feedback from industrial users of the units has resulted in a number of important refinements. On-going development is resulting in the continuous improvement in the user interface and software functionality.


  • user-friendly graphical user interface
  • visualisation of current data as well as historical data
  • visualisation of multiple historical datasets at the same time
  • compatible with 4-20mA sensors as well as advanced profibus-enabled digital sensors (sensor manufacturer independent)
  • sensors from different manufacturers can be used in the same RSM30
  • menu structure enables rapid configuration of RSM30
  • adding new or changing connected sensors easily achieved
  • basic data evaluation modules included with every system
  • sensor error identification and alarm triggering
  • storage of raw, log, meta and analysis data
  • open-code tools for user developed data evaluation modules included
  • central server software comes free with the purchase or lease of an RSM30

Data Evaluation

The Value of PrecisionNow Software

The RSM system has been developed with Primodal Systems’ custom software (PrecisionNow) and has been designed specifically to address the need for more immediate and more advanced data evaluation in real-time.

Traditional data loggers simply log and transmit raw data without any automated evaluation. The PrecisionNow software that forms the backbone of the RSM system has been developed to overcome this deficiency in functionality.

In addition to built-in error checking (e.g. bound exceedance, sensor failure…) and simple data trending algorithms (e.g. moving averages, rates of change…), the Precision Now architecture provides an open-code, plug-in like system that gives users the option to develop and incorporate their own data evaluation modules. In addition to generalized data modules, users can develop site-specific algorithms to help identify control actions, maintenance requirements, water quality trends, system behaviour and data problems that are unique to the location and system under study. The ability for automated data analysis is limited only by the imagination of the user.

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Easy-to-Deploy: Data Collection, Real-Time Analysis and Transmission

The RSM30 can operate alone or as part of a monitoring network.

Each RSM30 unit comes fully equipped with all the required components to operate in isolation, including the ability to store and visualise measurement and meta- data, as well as the communication tools to transmit the data to a central storage location.

No longer are data transmission issues a problem. The RSM30 has sufficient capacity to store years of data. Should communication with the RSM30 be interrupted, users can be assured that the full complement of data and data analysis algorithms is still operational thus ensuring that suspect data, and significant events will be properly logged when communication is restored.

Incorporation of several RSM30s into a monitoring network (that has been designed to monitor several different locations) couldn’t be easier as each RSM30 can communicate with other stations in the same network. Integration ensures the best possible data validation at the water’s edge in real-time.

Built to Last

The RSM30 is encased in a secure NEMA 4X rated fibreglass enclosure designed for a range of diverse environmental conditions. Suitable for year-round outdoor use, the RSM30 has been designed for rapid, ease-of-operation deployment.

The RSM30 is equipped with a number of user-friendly features including convenient handles to simplify its movement and portability. Climate control options can be included to mitigate extreme temperature fluctuations. Several power source options are also available including 110V (or 240V for European installations). Control of and communication with the RSM30 is accomplished by various means including GSM or satellite capability, making remote deployment a viable option.

Network Design

Primodal Experience at Work

Although the RSM30 can operate in isolation, the versatility of the RSM system and the PrecisionNow software is fully realised when used within a network of monitoring stations.

Whether the system under study is localized (a wastewater treatment plant) or distributed (a watershed), multiple RSM30s can be deployed at convenient and appropriate locations within that system. In a network design, the data from each RSM30 is transmitted to a central location (typically located at a head office, control room, …) where the data is logged for long-term storage.

At the same time, concurrent analyses can be performed to compare the data from different locations. This comparison of data could be as simple as a redundancy check or could be much more complicated. Depending on the system, model-based predictions could be compared to measured data to identify problems that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, or detected long after the event.

The goal is long term understanding of the system and the automated storage of ‘clean’ data while at the same time minimising the effort required to achieve that goal.

Central Server

Robust, Field-Tested, Reliable

The structure of the RSM system includes the provision for the transmission to and storage of data at a central location. Like the RSM30 at the water’s edge, the Central Server is equipped with a full complement of features including the ability to store and visualise measurement and meta- data. Data evaluation modules can be used to analyse the raw data for any number of purposes including the identification of sensor problems, alarm triggering, or prepping the data for long-term storage.

The Central Server is programmed to pull data from any and all RSM30s within the network at a time interval of the user’s choosing. This functionality enables the automated comparison of data from multiple locations in real-time and minimises the effort needed for post-processing by your staff.



RSM30 Data Sheet
RSM30 Specifications

RSM30 Specifications


  • customizable sizes depending on internal components (typically 36″x36″x10″ (93cm x 93cm x 25cm))
  • approx. 100lbs (45kg)
  • NEMA 4X rated fiberglass, steal or stainless steel enclosure
  • lockable
  • stainless steel hinge and clips
  • sensor-specific mounting options
  • climate controlled (optional)
  • weather resistant external sensor connections
  • 110/220 VAC power input (solar under development)
  • 12 & 24VDC internal power transformation (optional)
  • surge protected
  • wired, wireless and GSM communication options
  • compatible with 4-20mA sensors as well as advanced profibus-enabled digital sensors (sensor manufacturer independent)
  • sensors from different manufacturers can be used in the same RSM30
  • PrecisionNow software
  • 1yr product warranty
  • sensors (optional)


  • BaseStation software licence
  • Central Server software licence
  • profibus and station-specific configuration enabled
  • user-friendly graphical user interface
  • visualization of current data as well as historical data
  • visualization of multiple historical datasets at the same time
  • menu structure enables rapid configuration of RSM30 with chosen sensors
  • adding new or changing connected sensors easily achieved
  • basic data evaluation modules included with every system
  • sensor error identification and alarm triggering
  • storage of raw, log, meta and analysis data (optional RAID protection)
  • automated data evaluation
  • open-code tools for user developed data evaluation modules included
  • automatic remote data transmission to central location
  • 1yr of technical support and software upgrades on purchased product
  • full technical support and software upgrades on leased products

Lease or Purchase

Recognising that the goals of a monitoring campaign can vary with each application, Primodal Systems offers clients the option to purchase a system outright or lease for short-term campaign needs.


When monitoring campaigns are shorter in duration (e.g. supplemental data acquisition for a wastewater treatment plant process upgrade and modelling study) leasing a system might provide the ideal solution.

Short-Term Leasing for consulting, planning and operational assessment is a popular and viable option for the RSM30, allowing consultants and facility managers the flexibility they need to acquire top-notch data evaluation quickly, with the proven accuracy they need to make informed decisions.

The short-term lease option is also a great way to try out the system without making an immediate, long-term commitment. This option also comes with an option to buy once the test phase is competed.


Clients with long-term goals or continuous monitoring needs might find it more cost-effective to purchase the system.

Contact Primodal to find out what option is best for you.


Primodal offers a number of support services to clients so that the maximum benefit can be realized from the monitoring network.

Technical Support:

Primodal Systems stands behind its products by offering full technical support by phone, internet and e-mail with a valid technical support contract. All systems covered by the technical support contract will be entitled to free software upgrades as those upgrades become available.

Data Acquisition Support:

Primodal Systems offers several options for data acquisition, and support varies with each option.

Augmented System Support

Clients can choose to integrate their stations directly into their network and download their data directly. Primodal can augment any system easily and efficiently.

Full System Support

Clients can choose to take advantage of Primodal’s Secure Data Acquisition Service (SDAS) where data is pulled from each station in your network and securely stored on Primodal’s Data Servers. Clients retrieve data by logging into the Primodal Data Network and downloading what they need.

Beyond the obvious network security advantages, the SDAS provides two additional benefits:
a) software updates can be performed automatically without the need for client intervention ensuring that your RSM30 is always up-to-date
b) Primodal will be alerted immediately if communication with a particular station fails, thus enabling faster technical support and minimizing data disruption.

Data Evaluation Module Support

Primodal will code, debug and test your data evaluation modules. PrecisionNow software comes with all the tools needed to write custom data evaluation modules, but not all clients are comfortable customising software. For those clients, making use of the expertise found at Primodal will be the best and most cost-effective option. Primodal will transform your requests for system knowledge and data modules into an automated and functional data evaluation service.

Modelling Support

Whether you are modelling a local system like a wastewater treatment plant or a distributed watershed, Primodal can help you use your data to develop a predictive model of your system. System models provide further understanding of the process behaviour and the impacts of the various disturbances that interact with that system. Real-time data acquisition from the RSM30 will enhance that model development and by extension increase your ability to manage, predict and understand your system.