PrecisionNow dDesk - data preparation and analysis software built by process engineers for process engineers.

Data-Driven Solutions for the
Wastewater Treatment Industry

Primodal is an environmental technology firm that
provides data analysis and modelling solutions for biological systems.

Based in Canada, we are recognised internationally for our solutions and
special expertise in wastewater treatment and water quality issues.

Latest News

AWESOME … dDesk v3 Now Available

Primodal’s dDesk has been upgraded! Designed to reduce the required time for data preparation and building on user feedback, dDesk can now be used on all forms of data (not just time series) and we’ve added the ability to read/import/write Excel sheets making even those data preparation tasks that much easier. With a special pre-release offer, there is added incentive to start using what your competitor’s are already using to realise significant time savings.

Exciting Developments

Mike Lunn has joined Primodal! Mike has over 40 years of wastewater and stormwater experience from Laborer to Operator to Utility Director. As Chief Innovation Officer, Mike’s vast experience will expand Primodal’s exciting automated rapid real-time data processing and data visualisation solutions. Contact Mike to see what we can do for you.