PrecisionNow dDesk - data preparation and analysis software built by process engineers for process engineers.

Data-Driven Solutions for the
Wastewater Treatment Industry

Primodal is an environmental technology firm that
provides data analysis and modelling solutions for biological systems.

Based in Canada, we are recognised internationally for our solutions and
special expertise in wastewater treatment and water quality issues.

Latest News

dDesk v3.2 Now Available

dDesk, the desktop data prep, analysis and visualisation tool from Primodal Systems has gotten an upgrade! We’re pleased to announce the release of dDesk v3.2.2. We’ve upgraded the performance, added additional input options and made our data analysis software even simpler to use so your analysis needs will be achieved in even less time, and QA/QC will be even easier. Realise the benefits, download today!

Algorithms for Uncertainty

dDesk now includes tools for uncertainty analysis with all new distribution algorithms. Improved visualisation has been added with brand new data tables and plot functions. Better data analysis is now possible with the addition of many more data modules. The user interface has been updated to enhance the user experience, and tooltips have been added for improved usability.