Wastewater Process Modelling

Wastewater treatment requires a significant commitment of resources to protect our water resources, ensure public safety and minimize risk. Primodal will help you protect that investment.

Expert process analysis of your wastewater treatment facility by Primodal provides in-depth understanding, leading to a clear evaluation of risk for your design, upgrade or operational strategies. Our analyses benefit and support technical management and provide critical assurance of quality for government and public service oversight.

Design Support

Primodal is a highly-specialized, independent consulting firm.


Not all service providers have the necessary skills and experience to develop a suitable model, even though they may be employed by a reputable firm. Unlike software developers or large consulting firms, Primodal is able to provide an unbiased assessment of your needs. We are experienced in full project work, knowledgeable in every phase from data and process analyses to QA/QC studies.

Depending on your needs, Primodal can execute any project – either end-to-end or for specific stages – from the initial conceptual stage through to commissioning, operation, and training of facility staff.  Contract us to develop an analysis tool for your process independently, or let us help you evaluate the model and simulation results you are being given.


Primodal’s proven experience will help you evaluate your process information properly, providing clear, accurate useable data from which to make better informed decisions on process-related matters and/or operations.

Model Development

Primodal staff is experienced in all aspects of wastewater treatment modelling including desktop analyses, piloting, field testing at full scale, and process engineering. In addition, Primodal offers custom model development services for those clients that need something extra.

Most of our model development projects make use of the tools available in commercial simulators, but most models also require some degree of customization making use of site-specific coding algorithms.


Model customization may involve something relatively simple like the coding of a simple dissolved oxygen or feedback control strategy.


More substantial problems are also solved by Primodal, like developing a model extension or completely new biological model. Primodal staff are well-published and have the necessary skills to develop a model that suits your needs.

Model Calibration

Primodal uses the latest in modelling software technology, including tools  such as BioWin, GPS-X,  WEST and Simba among others, to ensure the best possible solution in the most appropriate product.

Protect your investment in data, your process and facilities…
…by properly calibrating (or evaluating the calibration of) your model.

A properly calibrated model will predict key parameters for process behaviour, including:

  • aeration requirements, oxygen demand (COD & BOD),
  • suspended solids (TSS, VSS and ISS),
  • sludge production, pH implications,
  • gas production,
  • nitrogen, and phosphorus fates.

Primodal will set up and calibrate your facility model and then help you design any number of suitable applications that might be of interest, such as:

  • evaluation of new designs or potential upgrades
  • auditing the current plant operation,
  • identifying bottlenecks,
  • investigating different operating strategies,
  • forecasting future behaviour and/or
  • analysing the impact of proposed operational changes.